Arizona Film and TV Production Tax Credit

Entertainment Law

The Arizona Film and TV Production Tax Credit was approved by Governor Ducey last year. It was passed in Arizona’s Senate Bill 1708. The Bill would give away up to $150 million a year to film and TV productions who qualify for the tax credit. So what does Senate Bill 1708 enact? 

Section 1. Title 41, Chapter 10, article 1, of Arizona Revised Statutes lays out the duties, preapproval, post approval, fees, rule making, audit, reporting and definitions. To qualify for the program, a motion picture company can do one of the following: 

  1. “Use a qualified production facility in this state to produce the motion picture production; OR
  2. If the motion picture production is filmed primarily at a practical location, produce and film the motion picture production primarily in this state and perform all production, postproduction and editing at an industry standard facility in this state. If such a facility for those functions is available.”


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