Trademark – Tucson

Accelerate IP has Trademark Attorneys located in Tucson that can help you file your Trademark and start protecting your brand.

Are you looking to file a trademark? Then look no further. Our trademark attorneys work with you and offer flat rates to get your trademark filed. 

When looking at filing a trademark we suggest you look at the following:

  1. Do a Google Search to make sure the name you have chosen for your business or product is not taken by another company. 
  2. Search to make sure the domain name and all the important social media handles are available for your new name. 
  3. Identify the goods or services you will be offering. 
  4. Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office trademark database to make sure your name is available. If it is taken look at what classification they fall in. Is the business selling the same products and services? If not you may be fine to file your trademark, reach out to us with any questions on this. 
  5. Are you using the mark currently in commerce? If so, we would file as use in commerce, if not we would file with intent-to-use
  6. Is your mark distinct? Does it describe your products or services? You want to stay away from describing your products and services.