Trademark Search and Registration

Accelerate IP offers flat fee trademark search and registration services to help you protect your brand. We help make the trademark registration process as painless as possible. Our experienced Trademark Attorneys work with you to make sure you understand the trademark registration process, work with you to make sure your mark is trademark able, and then file your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Call us today for your complimentary consultation. We are here to help to make your trademark registration easy!

Trademark Search

Before filing your Trademark Application a trademark search should be done to make sure your Trademark is Available. 

  1. Describe the products or services that you will be offering. 
  2. Identify the classification in the USPTO manual
  3. Search the USPTO database in the classification your products or services are in. 
  4. Broaden your search to other similar classifications and search domain name and social media names to make sure you can tie up everything around your name. 

Trademark Registration

What we do for you:

1. Complimentary Consultation;

2. Trademark Search and a call to discuss findings;

3. Drafting and Filing your US trademark;

4. We Track your application once filed with the USPTO. 

5. If you receive an non-substantive office action we respond on your behalf or work with you on substantive office actions until the registration of your US Trademark. 

6. We offer also trademark registration for other countries through the Madrid System. 

Costs: Flat Fee $750 plus USPTO Filing Fees

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