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Why Entrepreneurs, Startups, Entertainers and Small Businesses Use Accelerate IP

Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys & Business Attorneys

Our Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys & Business Attorneys can help you today!

We are Patent, Trademark & Business Attorneys serving clients throughout Arizona and in all 50 states for Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.

We started Accelerate IP with the main goal to help Entrepreneurs, Startups, Entertainers, and Small Businesses succeed.  Because, we are entrepreneurs and inventors like you, we are able use that experience to build sound strategies for your business. 

Our Attorneys have worked with Entrepreneurs, Startups, Businesses Owners, Producers and Musicians, helping them protect their intellectual property and business. 

At Accelerate IP when you call our office you talk directly to an attorney and not to a gatekeeper.  

Industries our Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys & Business Attorneys Serve

Our clients come from a variety of industries, such as food and beverage, hospitality, technology and software, toys and gaming, entertainment and production companies, manufacturers and influencers. 

We have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses start and scale their business and have worked with inventors and business owners as they turn their ideas into products and go through the process of protecting their intellectual property. 

Whether it’s today, tomorrow or ten years down the road, our team will be there to help you navigate the legal challenges of:

  • Starting a Business and then protecting that business;
  • Protecting your Invention;
  • Protecting your Brand and
  • Protecting your Original Work. 
We have created contracts for some big name actors and directors and have work on films that are on LifeTime, Netflix, and ION TV. 
Business formation

We Work with You to Protect your Business, Ideas and Brands

Clark Proffitt, Burt Skiba

What makes our firm different is:

  1. Our Attorneys do not just translate and interpret “legalese”, but listen to and empower our clients;
  2. We provide you the tools and  explain how the law works to help you reach your business strategic goals;
  3. A sound intellectual property strategy is formed from the very start that will help keep your idea, brand, original work and business safe; 
  4. We create and file the necessary legal paperwork (patent application, trademark registration, or copyright registration) to protect your business from the start. 

Not sure what steps to take, CALL US today to find out how we can help guide you through the maze we call a legal system.

Are you ready to:

  • Start a new business or scale your current one;

  • Submit a patent application for your design and/or invention; or

  • Protect your brand, idea, and original works through copyright or trademark registration

What We Do


Have an invention, process or product you would like to patent? 

  • Utility patent applications (provisional and nonprovisional)
  • Design patent applications
  • International (PCT) applications
  • Prior art searches
  • Patent licensing
  • Freedom to operate opinions
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Patent landscape reports
  • Patent assignment agreements
  •  Due Diligence


Have a brand, word mark, logo, or slogan you’d like to protect?

  • Trademark filings
  • Knockout reports
  • Licensing agreements
  • Assignments
  • Office action responses
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Clearance searches
  • Valuation
  • Maintenance  
  • Trademark Monitoring


Ready to start a new business or scale your current business?

  • LLC, C-Corp, 
  • Non-profit formations – 501(c)(3)
  • Obtain EINs
  • Operating agreements
  • Corporate formation documents
  • Bylaws
  • Founder agreements
  • Contract reviews and negotiations
  • Employment and consultant agreements
  • Purchase Agreements


Are you an Artist, Author, Director, Producer, or Musician ?

  • Copyright filing
  • Licensing
  • SAG/Artist producer agreements
  • Location agreements
  • EULA, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
  • Option agreements
  • Crew agreements, Writer agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Work for hire agreements
  • DMCA Takedown

We Got You Covered!


  • Don’t like to pay Attorney’s High Hourly Rates? We get it!
  • We want our clients to feel free to contact us without worrying about added fees.
  • Our rates are agreed upon in advanced so that there are no surprises. 
  • Our Fixed Fees include emails and phones call related to your matter.
  • Get your legal services without having to worry about surprise legal bills. 
Clark Proffitt

Clark Proffitt

Burt Skiba

Burt Skiba

Jennifer Brinkerhoff

Jeniffer Brinkerhoff

Patent Agent

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