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Intellectual Property

Accelerate IP offers a one of a kind experience for protecting your intellectual property from the start.

At Accelerate IP you will never talk with a gatekeeper and will always get ahold of an attorney. Our experienced bio-chemist and engineers turned attorneys and startup owners have the background needed to help you succeed. From concept to shelf we will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have or help protect your invention, brand and company.

Protect your Invention?

Our attorneys can help you protect your invention. This is not an exhaustive list and we provide fixed fees on all of our patent services. 


Utility Patent Application

We will draft and file your provisional patent application and your nonprovisional patent application.

Design Patent Application

File a design patent application when your invention has visual ornamental characteristics that need to be protected.  

International (PCT) Patent Application

File a single international patent application in a large number of countries instead of filing in several seperate national patent applications. 

Patent Landscape Report

Search for the technological trends in your area of business and technology.

Patent Office Action Response

Have you recieved a written correspondence from the USPTO? We can review and respond to the patent examiners rejections.

Prior Art Search (patentability search)

Do you need to evaluate whether your invention is patentable? We can help determine that.

Freedom to Operate

Do you need a legal opinion to determine wheter it is safe to make or sell your product?

Patent Assignment Agreement

Do you need to transfer ownership rights of your patent to another?

Protect your Brand?

Our attorneys can help you start and protect business? This is not an exhaustive list and we provide fixed fees on all of our business services.

Trademark Filings

File your trademark with the USPTO and worldwide through the Madrid protocol. We offer set fees for both (USPTO filing $750 plus government fees).

Trademark Knockout Report

Is your mark trademarkable? Let us help determine whether your mark can be protected. 

Trademark Office Action Response

Have you recieved a likelihood of confustion or descriptiveness rejection? 

Trademark License Agreement

License your trademark to another.

Trademark Statement of Use

Have your received a notice of allowance and need to file a statement of use? 

Trademark Cease and Desist

Is someone else using your trademark or brand? 

Trademark Valuations

Are you selling your trademark and need a valuation? 

Trademark Monitoring

Do you need to monitor your mark from infringers?

Protect your Original Work?

Our attorneys can help you protect your original work, music or motion picture. This is not an exhaustive list and we provide fixed fees on all of our copyright services.


Copyright Filing

File your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright License

License your Copyright to another. 

Work for Hire Agreements

Is another creating your work? Let use create a work for hire agreement so that you own the created work.

DMCA Takedown

Is someone else using your copyrighted work? 

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number

ICANN proceedings

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, EULA

Protect your website with Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and EULA.

Entertainment law

SAG/Artist & Producer Agreements, Option Agreements, Option Agreements, Crew and Writer Agreement, Minor Agreements, & much more.

Release of Liability Waivers

Do you need to be release from liability? 

Start & Protect your Business?

Our attorneys can help you start and protect your business. This is not an exhaustive list and we provide fixed fees on all of our business services.

LLC, S-corp & C-corp

Let us take the worry out of forming your business correctly. We can form your business in all 50 states.

Non-profit formation 501(c)(3)

Looking to form a non-profit business? 


Get your EIN with the IRS. 


Operating Agreement

Need an operating agreement that lays out how your business will run its day to day operations?

Corporate Formation Documents

We will put together all the necessary documents you need for customized to your corporation.

Founder Agreements

Are you a founder and need an agreement to layout your position within your startup? 

Contract Review and Negotiations

Do you need a custom contract and need it negotiated? We can help.

Membership and Asset Purchase Agreement

Are you selling your LLC membership and need an agreement to layout the transaction?