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Business Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Accelerate IP’s Business Attorney in Mesa.

Our Attorneys can help you protect your business from the start. Successful businesses start with a clear foundation and structure that is set up from the very start of your business. We serve clients in Arizona specifically in the Phoenix, Arizona and Mesa, Arizona areas.

Accelerate IP helps entrepreneurs, startups and small business start, protect and build their business on a solid legal foundation.

We offer flat fee services for all of your business legal services. Contact us now for your flat fee service

Our Business Attorney in Mesa offer the following services:

  1. Corporation Formation – LLC, C-Corp & S-Corp
  2. Non-profit Corporations – 501(c)(3)
  3. Obtain your EIN – Employee Identification Number
  4. Operating Agreements – Multi-Member, Single Member, Manager Managed or Member Managed
  5. Corporate Formation Documents – Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation
  6. Founders Agreements
  7. Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiations
  8. Purchase Agreements, Subscription Agreements & Asset Purchase Agreements.
  9. Employment and Contractor Agreements
  10. Custom Contracts for your Business

Accelerate IP’s Business Attorneys offer a Startup Package for those looking to protect their Business from the start.

Reach out to us to Start protecting your business now!​

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