Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney – IP Management, Patent  Counseling

Accelerate IP’s Patent Attorney is here to help!
  1. Your corporate and intellectual property legal matters should not add unnecessary costs and complexity to your business.
  2. Your business does not grow based on the number of patents you acquire or the number of trademarks you have registered. Your business has a goal and serves a purpose, and so should your intellectual property.
  3. Our focus at Accelerate IP is to help companies and individuals turn legal hurdles into tools to achieve business objectives. 

Patents and Innovations Accelerate IP offers the following Patent Services:

  1. Provisional Patent Application
  2. Nonprovisional Patent Application
  3. PCT Application (International)
  4. Design patent application
  5. Office Action Response
  6. Patent Licensing
  7. Freedom to Operate
  8. Patent Landscape
  9. Prior Art Search
  10. Patentability Report
  11. Cease and Desist

International IP

  1. It is easier than it has ever been to expand your business into foreign markets and extending your intellectual property rights to match your marketplace is more important than ever.
  2. At Accelerate IP, we’ll help you plan and act strategically to maximize the usefulness of every dollar you spend on intellectual property filings at home and abroad.
Accelerate IP serves Arizonians in Tucson and Phoenix area, but operates in all 50 states for patent and trademarks.